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Monday, March 31, 2014


telescript, originally uploaded by osmrtnice_uskoplje.

his practical achievements, b

Ies, the delusions, the concealments, the faithlessness, the desertion, the parting! And now,--now the chief actress in this drama that had touched him so nearly lay buried in a New England grave, with his own Adele her solitary mourner! "It was your friend the Doctor who gave the good woman absolution, I suppose," said Papiol, tapping his snuff-box, and gathering a huge pinch between thumb and finger. "Not even that comfort, I suspect," said Maverick. _"Bah! pauvre femme!"_ And the philosopher titillated his nostril until he sneezed again and again. "And the Doctor," continued Papiol,--"does he suspect nothing?" "Nothing. He has counselled me to make what amends I may by marrying--you know whom." "_Pardieu!_ he is a good innocent, that old friend of yours!" "Better than you or I, Papiol." "_Cela va sans dire, mon ami._ And _la petite_,--the little bright-eyes,--what of her?" "She is unsuspicious, but hints at a little cloud that overshadows her domestic history, and tells her lover that it shall be cleared up before she will marry him, or any other." "Ta, ta! It's an inquisitive sex, Maverick! I could never quite understand how Julie should have learned that her little one was still alive, and been able to trace her as she did. I think the death was set forth in the Gazette,--eh, Maverick?" "It certainly was," said Maverick,--"honestly, for the child's good." "Ha!--honestly,--_bon_! I beg pardon, _mom ami_." And Papiol took snuff again. "Set forth in the Gazette, _en regle_, and came to Julie's knowledge, as I am sure; and she sailed for the East with her brother, who was a small trader in Smyrna, I believe,--poor woman! To tell truth, Papiol, had she been alive, loving Adele as I do, I believe I should have been tempted to follow the parson's admonition, cost what it might." "And then?" "And then I should give _petite_ an honest name to bear,--honest as I could, at least; and would have lavished wealth upon her, as I mean to do; and made the last half of my life better than the first." "Excellent! most excellent! considering that the lady is dead, _pauvre femme_! And now, my dear fellow, you mi

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